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A new bed or mattress is one of the biggest and best investments you will make, after all we spend almost a third of our lives in bed. Its really important to spend a good amount of time selecting the correct mattress and once its been delivered its really important that you care for your investment!

Turn your mattress regularly. Mattresses should be turned on a weekly basis for the first few months and then every 3 months for the rest of the life of the mattress (8 years). This should be side to side and top and tail alternating. This helps to even out the settlement of the upholstery materials. Its just like plumping your pillow. Many mattresses are now “non turn” these should be rotated for the same reasons.
Body impressions or settlement, after you’ve had your new mattress at home for about 3 months you will notice depressions appearing where you and your partner sleep, this is a normal characteristic of quality mattresses and should not be of concern. It is just the upholstery or comfort zone settling to cradle you with in the spring unit.

Air the mattress – regularly air your mattress, we all perspire at night and your mattress needs to be allowed to breath to maintain a healthy enviroment

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