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Harrison – Exclusive handmade mattresses and beds tailor made for you

The quality of our sleep depends on the unique properties of our sleeping environment. Harrison handmade beds use the finest natural fillings and the most advanced spring systems, tailoring your bed to individual choice of size and firmness, they are the bed taylor, creating bespoke beds and mattresses At our showroom in Ashford in Kent, we have a wide selection of Harrison Spink beds and mattresses. We can explain the difference between the No Turn collection and the Seasonal Turn collection with its summer and winter side and taylor tensions to suite your comfort level requirements.

At their farm in North Yorkshire Harrison Spink, the bed taylor, rear Texel, Mule, Sulfolk and Zwartbles sheep, which supply pure-grade wool for the fillings in their handmade beds, wool that is among the thickest, strongest and softest you’ll find in a mattress. They also grow flax and hemp. Flax, which is used to make linen, is three times stronger than cotton, with unique properties that keep you cool and fresh. Hemp is a carbon neutral crop, carefully nurtured without the use of pesticides. In fact all of the fillings in this collection are naturally sourced and everything that goes into their beds is as sustainable as possible, with minimal impact on the environment. Growing fillings on the farm takes time and commitment, but it is worth the effort. By growing their own , they can have complete confidence that the hemp, flax and wool is produced to the highest standards that a handmade bed and mattress manufacturer should demand,  and is ideally suited for use as mattress fillings in the Harrison Spink bespoke bed taylor collection . You can also take great comfort from knowing that everything that goes into these luxurious beds is as sustainable as possible, with minimal impact on the environment, so you can rest at ease! Visit our showroom in Ashford Kent and we show you how these fillings are layered to enhance your sleeping experience on a Harrison bed or mattress.

At the heart of every mattress are thousands of springs, uniquely layered to cradle you as you sleep. Their inovative spring systems are designed to adjust to each individual sleeper, reducing pressure points and keeping your spine perfectly aligned. Our range goes from 4700 springs to 15700 and can be tailored to a comfort level to suite you. 

The Revolution spring system is found at the heart of all our bespoke beds. Inside every Revolution pocket spring system there are two springs that work as one. Its a unique system with a small spring sitting inside a larger one, offering two levels of firmness. This gives you variable levels of support depending on your weight and ensures you always maintain the best posture. On top of the Revolution spring systems core sits the HD spring system. The HD spring system is a worlds first. Everyone of our Harrison bespoke beds feature thousands of these compact springs, all made with light weight titanium alloy. Smaller in diameter and height than a standard spring, they are highly flexible and work completely independently of one another. The three dimensional support adjusts precisely to your body contours relieving pressure on your joints and offering increased lumber support. These flexible miniature springs also help the ,mattress retain its shape over the lifetime of the bed. Sitting below the top level of fillings, they bounce back into place whenever you change position, allowing the fillings to maintain their loft. Visit our showroom in Ashford Kent and we can demonstrate how this unique spring system will enhance your sleeping experience on a Harrison bed or mattres

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