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Sherborne is the home of relaxation, offers a comprehensive range of distinctive high quality fabric and leather upholstery, lift and rise reclining chairs and fully adjustable beds. The Sleep Store and More, based on Hythe Road in Ashford, Kent is pleased to be now stocking this fantastic range. Read on for details on Sherborne.

sherborne litf and rise recliner


Sherborne has grown from a small family business into one of the most successful upholstery companies in the United Kingdom with two factories and approximately 240 employees.

EST. 1930

Starting 88 years ago in a small lock-up garage in Sherborne Road, Bradford, Sherborne grew to become a Limited Company in 1953 and after four moves to larger premises established itself at its current main factory in Clayton, Bradford ten years later.


Building no fewer than seven major factory extensions it also operates from a substantial warehouse and factory at Queensbury, Bradford just a short distance away.


With 88 years of British furniture manufacturing tradition behind them Sherborne are proud to be British and to employ approximately 240 people directly, with several hundred additional jobs also supported in their supplier companies.

Manufacturing all their own frames (and using superb Recliner and Adjustable Bed actions from the leading suppliers in the world) every piece is fully produced (not just assembled) in their factories in the North of England. Not only that, but with their excellent reputation for high quality, quick and efficient service and value for money, many of the designs in their range are established top sellers.

With rise and recline chairs starting from £499 + VAT, why not get in touch with us to discuss your requirements? You can call us on 01233 641246 or click here to contact us via our online form.

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